Workuba - International Workshop Modern Dance & Afro cuban Latin Dances

Our ... is to can help you know intensive, the ... Latin and ... manner of dancing, in which African and ecu roots are melted, through a work filled Rythm, ... ... and en
Our goal is to let you recognize extensive, the authentical Latin and Caribbean way of dancing, wherein African and eu roots are melted, thru a work crammed Rythm, Plasticity, coordination and strength.includes several specialties:
cutting-edge Dance (Cuban faculty)
Cuban Dances: Son (salsa), Rumbas, Mambo, Cha-Cha-ChaArticle seek,
Dance in couples ("casino" fashion )
Afrocuban ritual dances and Choreographic Assemblage.
Theater / history of Cuban music and Dance / Percussion
Brazilian rythmes / Tango / Latin Jazz / (optionals).classes: novices / Intermediate / advanced
Workuba is supported by way of a workforce of superb teachers with worldwide popularity .

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