How to Kick Start Your Mentor Program and Stop the Bullies

Kick begin Your Mentor software to stop the ... Paula McCoach, faculty ... about bullying and how rotten the bullies were andthe terrible college students that they bullied was once considered one of my
Kick start Your Mentor software to forestall the Bullying
by using Paula McCoach, college Counselor
Whining approximately bullying and how rotten the bullies had been and
the negative college students that they bullied used to be one of my
ordinary activities. "We must do some thing to help these
children" both the bullies and their victims," i might whine.
however for years, I just talked to these children and despatched them on
their manner. after I got unwell and bored with being sick and
bored with speaking approximately this - I did do something! I
began a mentor application for these students!
behavior referrals, grades, social troubles, and negative
fulfillment were our starting criteria for being inside the
software. almost each personnel member in the constructing had
2-three mentees - everyone from the administration, teachers,
and counselors to the academic assistants, cafeteria
people and custodians. Over 150 students have been in that
mentor program which commenced in 1998.
every mentor become given a mentor folder with a permission
slip, a brochure about this system, a profile sheet, and
suggestions on being a mentor, a pencil and a "Welcome lower back to
college"card. The profile sheet diagnosed their mentees,
homeroom teacher, grade, birthday, and region of problem.
additionally included within the packet became a birthday card and pencil
for the mentor to present their mentees.
Giving items turned into left of to the discretion of the mentor.
a few mentees got here to assume gifts and the purpose of the
mentor relationship changed into dwindled. The youngsters came to
count on them and concept that they had been ‘entitled' to
getting things from the mentor. I had students asking
me to be in the mentor program due to the fact they wanted to get
We sincerely learned that first 12 months to enhance that the
mentor software turned into about improving conduct and grades
to be more a success in faculty - and we needed to preserve
telling the youngsters that too!
As all of you know, people who work in a faculty are great
busy, and we found that having even just 2 mentees became too
tons. It was hard to increase the connection and
effect trade due to the fact the mentors have been stretched too skinny.
So in the future years, and we are in our 7th year of the
mentor program, we've got assigned every body best 1 mentee.

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