Healthy Habits for Winter Teaching Tip

at some stage in the iciness, whilst colds are ... and the absentee fee is high, ... ... healthful ... Have youngsters use their ... abilties to appearance up the word ... Then use
in the course of the winter, whilst colds are ample and the absentee fee is excessive, improve suitable wholesome habits.
1. Have kids use their dictionary talents to look up the word 'contagious.' Then use a word list to find synonyms and antonyms.
2. Brainstorm a list of contagious sicknesses and write them down.
3. Divide the class into agencies for them to give you recommendations to keep away from getting sick or reduce the effects in the event that they do. each group will want a leader to make certain everybody participates and a secretary to write down down all recommendations. ensure they understand that no concept is just too frivolous to depend...stretch their thinking abilities to assume out of doors the field, so to speak.
4. As a class, write the list of all ideas with out duplicating any. If behavior you recognize to be healthy are left off the listing, suggest some of your own and let the elegance vote for his or her inclusion. a few might be masking their nose and mouth once they cough or sneeze, throwing away used tissues in place of hiding them in desks, often washing their palms, and the use of one-of-a-kind towels at home when they're unwell. Make a bulletin board or a class ebook on your library. perhaps your college students can do the typing and artwork.
five. As an artwork mission, have your youngsters use paper plates, markers or crayons, yarn or construction paper, glue, and tissue. Draw facial functions on the plates and glue the tissue at the tip of the nostril to cowl the nose and mouth. those could also make the best bulletin board in the lecture room so the children may have a visual reminder of what to do.
6. here is a heat recipe for a simply cold day! it's far taken from Macmillan Seasonal activity Packs, iciness Wonderland, Macmillan educational business enterprise, 1986. This cozy Cranberry creation ought to make 24 5-ounce servings. substances consist of 2 lemons, 1 gallon cranberry juice, 1 tablespoon honey, and, as an choice, 12 cinnamon sticks.

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