An Interview - on history and educational media

AN ... can you in short ... why you suspect history is a weapon of battle against ... not really, except to mention solar Tzu wasn’t the first to notice that ... was the first a
1. are you able to in short summarize why you believe you studied history is a weapon of struggle towards human beings?
in short?, now not really, except to mention sun Tzu wasn’t the primary to word that propaganda turned into the primary and maximum crucial part of conquest. Caesars received more thru secret offers and blackmailing the likes of Herod and the Sanhedrin than they ever did through force of fingers. We saw how guerillas work towards a conqueror in Vietnam or even in Iraq at the prevailing. i've written about fifty books. The framework for a brand new records this is based totally on forensics and science or artifacts in preference to priestly power-mongers is now available.
2. but certainly there are numerous who've written a more true history since the quit of the dark a long time?
yes, but the destruction of libraries and the information of supposed ideals in matters like the Flat Earth or Kelts being ‘barbarians’ continues to be part of cutting-edge scholarship due to the fact humans quote Caesar’s Journals that had been honestly written by Hirtius or other propaganda as though these reviews are real truthful reportage to a degree as they say this is all we have. Michael Parenti and others like Howard Zinn of Harvard who've regularly been drummed out of Universities do inform a touch of what I remember is authentic records. there was a few earlier authors quoted in the works of Herodotus and others once taken into consideration fiction however now being supported through actual artifacts.
three. What approximately whilst warfare isn't taking place? We nevertheless get the same history don’t we?
i really like how Joseph Campbell defined the SPIN which passed off at the start of WWII in his cope with referred to aspermanent Human Values’ to the girls he taught at Sarah Lawrence university. It ended up getting him branded as a Nazi by means of a few clearly sadistic government mouthpieces inside the media. In any event we've always been getting ready for or engaged in war as I see it.
4. I recall having read that address, it changed into brilliant and ought to be required reading for all of us and included earlier than every movement of presidency closer to greater warfare. but clearly you aren’t announcing that every one records is a lie, are you? Campbell didn’t go that far.
No, of path not. There are continually masses of records presented along with dates and information that could boggle the mind of an amazing statistician. Mark Twain knew loads approximately ‘lies, damn lies and recordsalthough.
5. sure, and we these days saw how the usual running technique of passing the greenback or hide the Ball labored on the duvet-up of the real purpose we invaded Iraq and all that guns of mass destruction – didn’t we? however permit’s get into the incredible Pyramid that you write volumes about. you make the point that the ‘in shape’ of the rocks or blocks can’t be explained by means of the students who say Egyptians built it as some sort of make-work program now that the slaves fiction has been very well disproven due to artifacts. In truth you've got constructed a as an alternative problematic price of a conspiracy to smash and lie about these items to the factor of blaming WGBH and the video known as ‘This vintage Pyramid’. can you substantiate these costs for my listeners?

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